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PEPEES Group is a modern and constantly developing capital group which specializes in processing potatoes fro the purpose of manufacturing, among others, potato starch, crystalline and anhydrous glucose, maltodextrin, glucose syrups and potato flakes or potato protein for feedstuff purposes. Companies of PEPEES S.A. group include potato processing plants in Łomża, Bronisław and Lublin, as well as plants related to renewable energy (OZ Energy, CHP Energia).

PEPEES S.A. seated in Łomża is the largest starch potato processing plant in Poland and the only domestic manufacturer of crystalline glucose. Thanks to an integrated management system, introduced and certified in 2007, that is in compliance with international standards: ISO 9001:2008; ISO 22000:2005; HACCP and BRC, we provide high quality and ensure complete health-related safety of products manufactured. Our products are widely used in foodstuff, pharmaceutical, feedstuff, chemical, textile and paper industry. High quality monitored by on-site laboratories, constantly improved production methods, clear relations with farmers and recipients make PEPEES a significant brand in Poland and abroad. We deliver our products to 370 domestic customers and to 60 customers abroad. Our customers include, among others, Nestle Poland, Animex Group, Sokołów S.A., Jeronimo Martins Poland, Tesco, pharmaceutical companies such as Teva , GlaxoSmithKline and companies from Lotva, South Korea and Spain.

We are one of the largest employers in the Łomża region and we buy potatoes from several thousand farmers.

We operate in compliance with energy code, we have been a member of the SEDEX international platform since 2010.

In order to stimulate future development and improve a competitive position of Polish starch industry against German, Dutch and French corporations, PEPEES S.A. is preparing modernization projects which will allow us to increase our manufacturing capacity and introduce new innovative products and intents to continue the Group's development by buying shares in further starch industry companies.

The company is quoted on Warsaw Stock Exchange.

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