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Potato starch (potato flour)

POTATO STARCH is obtained through mechanical separation of starch grains from other components in potatoes followed by rinsing, purification, drying and sifting. Starch is a polysaccharide which plays the role of storage substance in plants. Crystalline structure of starch grain is build of branched starch macromolecule, amylopectin, and linear macromolecule, amylose. Because amylose and amylopectin differ in many important features, the proportion of each in a given type of starch determines the physical chemistry characteristics of the substance. Starch is one of the most multifunctional substances used in foods industry.
Its natural property of thickening and gelling is used in some applications. In foods and pharmaceutical industry, starch is used for giving a product proper texture, appearance (form), moistness, consistency and storage durability.

in meat industry as thickening agent, texture enhancing agent,
in production of food concentrates as thickening agent for powdery foodstuff (sauces, soups, puddings, gelatine desserts), ketchups and dressings,
in baking industry as water-retention enhancing agent and stale delaying agent for bread and additive for confectionery products,
in textile industry in gluing yarn, starching, dying, satinying, printing, aperturating,
in paper industry in gluing woodpulp, satinying paper and in bookbinding,
in chemical industry in production of glues, dextrins, explosives,
in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry in production of baby powder, talcum powder, tableting medicines


Potato starch - paper valve bags of 25 kg each, big-bag packaging or tankers.
Potato flour - paper bags of 0,5 kg and 1 kg each.
Potato starch for pharmaceutical use - paper valve bags of 25 kg each.

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