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Glucose syrups

GLUCOSE SYRUPS are purified and thickened water solutions of monosaccharides (glucose, maltose) and law molecular weight polysaccharides obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis of starch.

They are characterized by mild sweetness, high osmotic pressure and they are temperature and chemically stable. High microbiological stability allows the syrups to be stored for long periods of time in ambient temperature with no risk of crystallization.
The most important advantages of the syrups include:
regulation of the product’s texture and consistency,
carmelization ability,
fermentation abilities,
enhancing flavour,
lowering the freezing point,
good solubility,
improving the product’s appearance and enhancing its colour,
providing sweetness and preventing crystallization of sugar,
mild sweetness.
Glucose syrups, thanks to their texture and consistency regulating properties, are widely used in confectionary industry in production of hard candy, outer hard layer of stuffed candy, confectionary stuffing, caramel cream, pomade, marshmallow, gel candy, jelly, chocolate and fruit dressing. Increased maltose content in glucose syrups in comparison to traditional acid syrups results in subtly sweet flavour and prolongs the best-before period. Use of glucose syrup in production of hard and soft candy results in higher plasticity of the candy, affects durability of colour and taste, adds clarity and shine. In wafer stuffing, it enhances the stuffing’s texture, as well as improves its spreading and adhesive properties. In confectionery, the use of MN 3338 syrup improves the consistency of dough and provides tight and tender texture. Thanks to specific characteristics of glucose syrups, they prevent excessive dryness of baked products. Syrups are especially recommended for confectionary with long best-before periods. Increased maltose and glucose content in syrups allows for lowering sucrose dose with simultaneous improvement on the dough’s consistency. Fermentation abilities of the syrups are useful in beverage industry. In fruit and vegetable industry, they are used as replacement for sugar in production of jams, marmalades, preserves, frozen desserts, candied fruits, compotes, fruit juices. The syrups prevent crystallization of sugar, allow for preservation of fruit's natural colours, provide proper texture and mild taste as well as enhance the flavour.


Plastic containers per 40 kg each. Syrup can be shipped in appropriate tanks at the customer’s request.


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