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MALTODEXTRIN is a starch substance in the form of loose white powder obtained through enzymatic depolymerization of potato starch suspension in water, followed by spray drying.
Maltodextrins are characterized by low sweetness, high viscosity, high solubility, high hygroscopicity and they are easily digested. Thanks to a wide spectrum of depolymerization of starch (DE), maltodextrins


Maltodextrins, due to their chemical compound and properties, are widely used in various branches of food industry.

they are a universal medium in the process of drying juices, colours and flavours

in production of baby nutrition products, they are used as an alternative for starch that is easier to assimilate for a young organism, they are an important carbohydrate ingredient of formula and nutrition powders

in confectionary industry, they are used in all kinds of pomades and fillings, they increase levelling of relative moistness, protect against hardening and crystallization of sugars, improve sweet taste and plasticity of products (e.g. hard and stuffed candy, lentils, confectionery dressings contain maltodextrins)

in confectionary baking, maltodextrins improve the consistency of products, control dough’s viscosity, crispness and porosity, prevent excessive dryness, prolong freshness (e.g. yeast dough, hardtack, biscuits, sponge, wafers, cake stuffing and filling contain maltodextrins)

in powder foodstuff products (sauces, soups, spices, fruit extracts), they improve nutritional properties, facilitate liquidation, emulsifying and stabilization properties, increase relative moistness balance

thanks to extended surface, they may act as a medium for flavours, colours and fats

in production of nutrition and energizing drinks, they allow for increase in dry extract, lower sweetness, enhance flavours (e.g. fruit drinks and syrups, energizing and isotonic drinks contain maltodextrins)

in production of medical substances - expectorant tablets and syrups, vitamin and mineral preparations, supplements

addition of maltodextrins in production of frozen foods (ice-cream, creams, deserts) raises freezing point, facilitates growth and stabilization of froth

in meat industry, thanks to sugar fraction, maltodextrins are used as an ingredient in niter solutions that are a medium for bacteria responsible for conditioning of meat. Thanks to their reduction properties, they accelerate synthesis of nitrosomyoglobin (pink colouring in meat).



Paper valve bags of 25kg each or big-bag packaging.


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